Whether you’re mapping out a new territory management plan for the whole team or redefining a specific sales person’s territory, we can help set clear parameters and tangible goals, based on your customer and prospect profiles. We can then help you create a much more structured targeting strategy, ensuring you deploy your marketing content and, most importantly, your sales people to the right locations, minimising wasted marketing spend and valuable manpower.

Applying your customer profiles to geographical locations is our starting point. By filtering the different elements of the customer profile we can determine patterns based on a company’s location; it might be that your most valuable customers are concentrated in a particular location or a high percentage of certain business types feature strongly in specific parts of the country. We would then establish if the prospects that match your customer profile are located in the same areas.

Many factors often pose problems to territory management for all sales people. For example, how long it takes for an employee to get from point A to point B during work hours. Every minute your sales person spends behind the wheel is a minute that could have been used to identify prospects, prepare presentations, and close sales. Select the appropriate geographic rules that can be combined to form sales territories – overlaying the potential value of a journey might determine whether or not the trip is made at all.

Territory Mapping
In a nutshell

We map all the variables

We gather customer and prospect data in order to evaluate the geographical variations and common themes at all levels of your business.

We establish opportunity, geographically

We establish market share and sales potential to help set targets and deploy the right sales strategy – retention, reactivation or new sales… they all require different core skills.

We build a clear path to sales growth

We create a sales and marketing structure aligned to how and, of course, where your customers buy.





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