Lab Coat Free Zone!

We don’t wear lab coats! We don’t talk in binary code!
We believe that making data work for you doesn’t require a degree in rocket science, just plenty of common sense.

As part of the Methodology Group, we are a team of well rounded, straight talking, experienced sales and marketing professionals, who understand the power of good quality data, with a clear process, mapped to a technology platform that drives efficient and effective, measured sales growth.

We work with some of the world’s most recognised and respected brands, as well as a number of self-funded start-ups. In fact, 9 years ago, we were one of those too! Now we boast a team of more than 40 data-focused sales and marketing professionals, with core skills in database development, data analytics, digital marketing and sales team management.

We could tell you all about how we grew sales for a plethora of clients over the years but we’d prefer to talk about how we can do it for you. So, get in touch and tell us all about you, your challenges and your business aspirations and we’ll tell you how we could support you to hit them.

Get in touch today, to find out how we can help you get the most out of the data in your business.


Leading the data charge!

Back in the early 90’s our founders were cutting their teeth in good old fashioned offline, data driven direct marketing – you know the sort; super creative and all about driving sales growth. Those early lessons stuck with Scott and James to become the bedrock of the companies they run today – firmly rooted in data, digital and technology to help their clients sales and marketing strategy flourish.

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James Moore



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