The ‘7 V’ Challenge

Where do we start! There’s so much data available to businesses these days, ingesting it and making sense of it can be quite daunting. Data is often captured and stored in so many different places, the first task is usually to simply get it under control – there’s likely to be inconsistencies in the structure making it difficult to merge and create a single view.

Once you have the actual data under control, then we can start to make sense of it and identify easily actionable insights. Easier said than done but having a single source of the truth makes our job much easier.

Here’s what we’re really good at – visualisation! Painting a picture of your various customer and prospect behaviours, highlighting patterns and outliers, empowers your sales and marketing departments to quickly see where opportunity or issues are, this always has a positive impact on sales conversion and marketing ROI.

If you’re bombarded with data, we’d love to show you what’s possible with a single source of truth that can allow you to focus more on findings and taking actions rather than processing all that data!

The 7 V's
In a nutshell


How much data you have – we collect so much of it these days. Where and how to store it is an important consideration.


Velocity is the speed in which data is processed and becomes accessible. We also see this as the speed a prospect turns into a customer .


A growing challenge. It can be unstructured and in many different formats from XML to video to transactional. Getting this under control is no simple task, especially when the data itself changes rapidly.


Variability is different from variety. Basically, its data whose meaning is constantly changing – just to keep us on our toes!


Veracity is all about making sure the data is accurate and trustworthy, which requires processes to keep the bad data from accumulating in your systems.


Visualisation is our favourite – it’s critical in today’s world. Using charts and graphs to visualise complex data is more effective in conveying meaning than spreadsheets and reports full of numbers and formulas.


Value is the end game. After addressing the 6 other V’s  – which takes a lot of time and collaboration – you want to be sure you know how to get value from your data.

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