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We help you lift your sales with clear, actionable data.

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DataBud removes jargon to simplify the wonderfully complex world of data.

Our core objective is to use data to help our clients sell more.

Build a clear view of all data captured, stored and processed.
Track the speed in which data changes and evolves.
Standardise data to make it robust and actionable.
Use data to build a profile of your ideal customer.
Develop a communications plan to target prospects based on your customer profile.
Harness all of your data on one management platform to ensure you optimise true value.

Data Profiling

Getting to know what drives your existing sales helps you understand where you could attract more sales from, either through your existing customers or new ones.

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Sales Territory Mapping

We’ll visualise your sales map, ensuring your hunt for new customers moves in the right direction.

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Data Purchasing

Access every company registered in the UK, directly from our proprietary data platform.

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Lead Generation

We build communication plans to initiate conversations that lead to qualified first meetings.

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Data Management Platform

Housing your data and sales process in one place helps you manage, measure and improve sales results.

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Data Quality Audit

We establish the health of your current data, ensuring you minimise wasted effort and drive better sales efficiency.

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Get more out of your data


Average wasted
hours per week
contacting companies
that aren’t relevant.


Trusted and proven to deliver sales growth

For all of our clients, large and small, data is the lifeblood of the sales and marketing process.

We combine data management and profiling techniques to define and refine your ideal prospects, to enable the very best chances of converting them into customers.

We map historical financial, purchasing and marketing data to build a clear picture of how your customers have behaved and how your prospects might behave in the future.

The aim is to build prediction into your data, meaning we hunt down your best prospects first time around.

The result is a defined, validated and GPDR compliant data set, which is most likely to buy your product or service.

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